Monday, 21 March 2011


Right its been a while since i posted last but i blame that on the student lifestyle. so next loan comes through this month and i plan on getting a dSLR. I've used a few but never owned one but the Nikon D3100 seems to be the best entry level camera I've used as it shoots HD movies.

stuff review

i want to know if anyone had got any experience using digital SLR's and what they thinks the best.
ill give a review once i have gotten one next month

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

OK so this is my first proper post and i suppose it shows how much of a geek i am. so i ipad 2 has come out but ofcourse if your splashing out on one of these nifty gadgets your gunna get some cool stuff to go with it, yes? So here is one that i particually liked and its called a ipad agenda.

as i design geek i realy like it. website:
there is also a review of many other gadgets you can buy for your ipad here stuff mag
what do you think?

here we go

Ive been meaning to create a blog for a while now so i can shaire everything that intrests me. games, films, advertising(as this is what i do). so basicly anything that stimulates my mind although i am very easily amused so ill try to filter the rubbish out.